Newport Aquarium bioFAS™ MBBR Upgrade

The Save The Bay Aquarium located in Newport Rhode Island was severely damaged when Hurricane Sandy rolled through New England in October 2012.  The aquaculture water treatment system for the aquarium tanks was destroyed by the Hurricane. BioprocessH2O was tasked with not only replacing the existing treatment system, by upgrading [...] Read more »

bioprocessH2O Ships Modular MBR System

BioprocessH2O recently shipped the equipment for the San Ysidro California, US Land Port of Entry Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The modular bioPULSE™ Airlift Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System is sized and designed to treat a flow of 50,000 GPD of wastewater. BioProcessH2O shall supply the bioPULSE™ Airlift MBR system as a modular [...] Read more »

California Winery – Containerized bioPULSE Airlift MBR

The Ridge Monte Bello Winery recently installed a bioPULSE™ Airlift MBR System for advanced wastewater purification and reuse of the reclaimed water as a sustainable supply of irrigation water for the grape vines. BioprocessH2O has successfully commissioned an innovative biological treatment process that incorporates advanced Membrane BioReactor (MBR) using bioPULSE™ [...] Read more »

Nation’s Largest Bottling Company- bioFLOW MBR

The Nation’s Largest Bottling Company located in Massachusetts was experiencing problems with their high strength wastewater treatment system. The existing Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) utilizing Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes failed to provide an adequate permeate flow rate shortly after the system was placed in service.  To determine causes of the irreversible membrane [...] Read more »

Packing Solutions – bioFAS™ MBBR

The Packing Solutions Company located in the midwestern United States was experiencing high concentrations of BOD in the wastewater generated during their juice packing process. The solids settling tank was not able to sufficiently reduce their BOD levels that were set forth in the permits. To achieve the effluent discharge requirements, bioprocessH2O provided a single [...] Read more »