Nation’s Largest Bottling Company

Naiton’s Largest Bottling Company
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The Problem: The Nation’s Largest Bottling Company was operating an Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System that was not performing to maintain the flow rate required for effluent discharge. The Membrane system had rapid flux decline and the tubular membranes failed after 6 months resulting in the company bypassing the membrane system altogether.

The Solution: BioprocessH2O supplied a bioFLOW MBR System sized and designed to reduce BOD using a bioFLOW Membrane System combined with a free oil coalescer and a textile based adsorbent oil removal system for protection of the membrane elements. The aeration tank is equipped with a Jet Aeration System and a pair of PD blowers for optimal process efficiency.

Status/Results: The bioFLOW MBR effectively removes ~98% of the influent BOD with minimal operator attention. The bottling plant is now able to maintain a reliable biological treatment process, maintain MBR System performance and sustain membrane flux.



~15,000 GPD



15,000 – 20,000 mg/L

<500 mg/L


100 – 350 mg/L

<10 mg/L


~125-150 mg/L

<10 mg/L

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